Third-Party Contract Courses

To learn more

Contact the Office of Distance Education & eLearning at (614) 292-8860 or with questions regarding the Third-Party Contract Courses. You can also complete the "Contact Us" form found on the ODEE Outreach blog.

We are located in 152 Mount Hall, 1050 Carmack Road with convenient parking.

We offer your Ohio State University academic department services to help facilitate contract credit course offerings to a select group of individuals determined by a third party/external entity such as a private business or governmental agency. 

Contractual Outreach may provide services to an Ohio State University academic department in contract with:

  • Businesses
  • Industry
  • Civic Organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Associations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Other external parties to the university

Courses may include:

  • Graduate credit courses
  • Undergraduate credit courses
  • A course that is for both undergraduate and graduate credit
  • Courses delivered on or off campus, onsite at the organization or online

Our services to the academic department may include:

  • Coordination of fee suppression
  • Registration services
  • Student guidance for the admissions application process
  • Personal involvement with the students throughout the entire enrollment process
  • Coordination of the program through a point of contact within the academic department
  • Providing a fee waiver option for the students’ admission application fees on behalf of 
the academic department