Distance Education

Technology now affords us the opportunity to become the land-grant university of the world. It enables new programs, creates partnerships, sparks connections to our passionate Ohio State alumni, and provides a global student body access to Ohio State's top-notch educators and researchers.   

We look forward to working with faculty and departments on distance programs.  The fundamentals to start developing distance programs are:

  • Business Model: How distance programs are funded, what services ODEE provides, and what student fees are collected
  • Program Development: Understanding all components of program development and approval is essential to a program's success.
  • Course Development: Explore steps, templates, and considerations in developing an online course 
  • Faculty Resources: Discover the support, resources, and training available to help faculty become excellent online instructors

Curious about our current distance programs? You can view an up-to-date listing of current programs available.

Contact Us

Interested in developing a distance education program? Contact Us.  Early involvement helps streamline the program development process.

For updates, check the ODEE Distance Education blog