Enhanced Learning Technologies

Cat Mastery: A Guide to Understanding Your Cat

Examples of Interactivity 

Screenshot of interactive page from Cat Mastery digital text book

Screenshot of interactive page from Cat Mastery digital text book

Screenshot of interactive page from Cat Mastery digital text book

Education is forever changing. Advanced technologies are being introduced regularly with improved concepts for both teaching and learning. The use of interactive multi-touch digital books is erupting through academia and at Ohio State.

ODEE in collaboration with Apple spearheaded the implementation of digital education methods at Ohio State. With easy access to the materials on iPhone or iPad, digital books offer many features that a static print book cannot. These new books are changing the educational landscape with their interactivity and innovative content. In fact, most digital books are less expensive than print books.

Ohio State’s newest digital book, Cat Mastery is on the shelf in Apple’s iBooks Store. Written by professor and veterinarian, Dr. Tony Buffington, this book appeals to a far greater audience than just Ohio State. It’s a highly interactive digital book that explores the behaviors and diseases indoor cats develop based on their environments.

This book contains 3-D images, interactive diagrams, videos, audio tips and more. Cat Mastery readers can practice their new expertise in Dr. Buffington’s free iTunes U course, Cat Mastery. It is an innovative course designed to maximize the learning potential in this refreshing digital format. Interacting with the material is a must. 

The book features tables that allow you to assess how your cat behaves in any particular setting, or how your cat’s personality aligns with your own. The knowledge in the book will help you create a healthy environment for you and your cat to enjoy many years together.

Readers are encouraged to use the feedback and submissions widget for future updates to the book and to tell us what you think.

Cat Mastery is live now. You can download the book or signup for the course, here.