Program 60

Program 60 Campus Scene


The Ohio State University Office of Distance Education & eLearning (ODEE), is committed to offering diverse, quality programs and services that create a desire for lifelong learning. One of those programs is Program 60.

Ohio residents age 60 or older are invited to enrich their lives by experiencing the academic excellence and world-renowned research available at The Ohio State University. Each year, thousands of Ohioans take advantage of this tuition-free, noncredit/non-degree program to connect to the university community. Program 60 students attend undergraduate, graduate-level, and distance learning courses through Program 60 on a space-available basis.

Convenient online registration is available for the Columbus campus four weeks prior to the start of the semester/ term and continues through the 2nd Friday.  (Learn more about scheduling on a regional campus by contacting

Summer term 2014 registration is now open! Select Get Started to learn more.

** Summer term registration ends on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. **