Program 60


The Ohio State University Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE), is committed to offering diverse, quality programs and services that create a desire for lifelong learning. One of those programs is Program 60.

Ohio residents age 60 or older are invited to enrich their lives by experiencing the academic excellence and world-renowned research available at The Ohio State University. Each year, thousands of Ohioans take advantage of this tuition-free, noncredit/non-degree program to connect to the university community. Program 60 students attend undergraduate, graduate-level, and distance learning courses through Program 60 on a space-available basis.

Convenient online registration is available for the Columbus campus four weeks prior to the start of the semester/term and continues through the second Friday. (Learn more about scheduling on a regional campus by contacting 

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Summer Term 2015 registration is now open. Registration will close on May 22, 2015.

Summer 2015 Important Dates

APRIL 13 - First day to register for summer term and May-session/summer-term classes

11 - First day of summer term (5/11 - 7/31) and May-session classes (5/11 - 6/5)
22 - Last day to register for summer term and May-session/summer-session classes
25 - Memorial Day - offices closed, no classes

JUNE 5 - Last day of May-session classes
15 - First day of summer-session classes
JULY 3 - Independence Day - offices closed, no classes
31 - Last day of summer term and summer-session classes
28 - First day to register for autumn semester and first/second-session classes
AUGUST 25 - First day of autumn semester (8/25 - 12/9) and first-session classes