Carmen: Grades (Hands-On)

April 21, 2014

Mon Apr 21, 20142:00PM-4:00PM119, Campbell Hall

This workshop on the Gradebook in the Carmen system covers the following topics:

  • Gradebook Setup
  • Enter Grades
  • Final Grades Calculation
  • Instructor and Student Views
  • Exporting Grades to a Spreadsheet
  • Transferring Final Grades to the Registrar

We assume you will have a course shell to work in.  You may use a shell you plan to use for class, a class shell you will never use, or a practice shell (please allow at least 3 days for a practice shell to be created).  Bring files or other ...Read more

Carmen Update Roadshow

April 22, 2014

Tue Apr 22, 201412:45PM-1:45PM135, Stillman Hall

If you would like a hands-on session, please bring your laptop as this room is not a computer lab.

Please join us for a Carmen Update Roadshow session! This is your chance to see what tools are in the Carmen toolbox, hear what's being planned, and talk with Carmen staff about your instructional technology needs.

  • Preview the exciting new features that will be added to Carmen on May 2-3.
  • Hear about other tools being planned.
  • Let us know about services or features you'd like to see.

Please feel free to just listen or bring your own computer if you prefer.

Using CarmenConnect (Hands-On)

April 25, 2014

Fri Apr 25, 201410:00AM-12:00PM460B, Prior Hall

This hands-on workshop will provide instructors and staff with the basic skills needed to hold a class or meeting in CarmenConnect (Ohio State's webinar service). This hands-on session is intended for beginners, but is also good for users who want a better understanding of the system.

We will cover:

  • General orientation to CarmenConnect
  • Setting up and managing an online meeting room
  • Understanding roles and permissions for users in a Connect room
  • Working with Pods, Layouts, Content, and other options

If time permits, we will also practice communicating with each other in a live Connect session.  You may wish to bring files or other material to upload. ...Read more

Carmen: Strategies for Grading Online - Turnitin (Hands-On)

May 1, 2014

Thu May 01, 20142:00PM-4:00PM460B, Prior Hall

This hands-on session will review several different strategies for assessing writing assignments and providing feedback to students within Carmen.  We'll cover 3 main topics:

  • creating and using a Carmen Rubric
  • understanding the Dropbox feedback options
  • using Turnitin (OrgininalityCheck and GradeMark) with the Dropbox

We recommend you have an understanding of how to navigate Carmen and set basic tool properties before attending this workshop. If you need to learn basic Carmen skills, please ...Read more

Carmen: Getting Started (Hands-On)

May 5, 2014

Mon May 05, 20141:15PM-3:15PM186, Hagerty Hall

This hands-on workshop will provide instructors and staff with the skills needed to set up a basic course in Carmen, OSU's course management system. This session is intended for instructors and staff who are new to Carmen, but is also good for users who want a better understanding of the system:

  • General orientation to Carmen
  • Uploading, organizing and sharing documents in Content
  • Using the HTML editor, Publish / Draft status, Due Dates, and basic Restrictions
  • Using News and other strategies to
  • ...Read more