Contract Credit Course Service: General Enrollment Information

All Contractual Outreach students should be familiar with the general enrollment information below.

New Ohio State Students

New Ohio State students must complete an application for admission in addition to the course registration form. Application information is provided separately.

Undergraduate credit students that have never attended Ohio State must submit the Undergraduate Non-degree Application unless they are in the process of applying to a degree program. 

Students enrolling for graduate credit for the first time at Ohio State (no previous enrollment in the Ohio State Graduate School) must be admitted to the Ohio State Graduate School. New students will be enrolled as Graduate Non-Degree status unless they have applied and been accepted for admission to a graduate degree program. Please note that proof of highest degree (minimum bachelor's degree) is required as part of the application process. Graduate non-degree students are not eligible to pursue a master's or doctoral degree at Ohio State unless they apply and are admitted as a regular (degree-seeking) graduate student. Graduate School rules allow for a maximum of 7 hours of graduate non-degree coursework to apply toward the requirement for a graduate degree if a student is later admitted. Within this 7-hour limit, approval to count graduate non-degree coursework rests with the Graduate Studies Committee of the student's program.

Former Ohio State Undergraduate Students

Former students with a UVSTR designation will be required to complete the Undergraduate Admissions Application in addition to the Contractual Outreach Course registration form, the $60.00 application fee, however, is waived.

Former Ohio State students will be transferred from their department of enrollment to Extended Education as an Undergraduate Non-Degree student.

Former Ohio State Graduate Students (Degree Program Enrollment)

Students returning after an absence of one or more quarters or semesters must request reactivation to enroll in courses. If a student has not been enrolled for two or more years, permission and signature of the graduate studies committee chair are required. If a student has graduated and is interested in completing post-degree work, the graduate studies committee chair's permission and signature are also required. Re-activation is required whether or not you graduated or withdrew from your program.

Requests are made by completing and submitting the Permission to Reactivate Enrollment Eligibility form to the Graduate School.

Please contact the Ohio State Graduate School at or (614) 292-6031 for information and/or assistance.

OSU Internet Username and E-mail Account Activation

All Ohio State students should activate their Ohio State Username (lastname.#) and email account. Activation is usually available 48 hours after you have been admitted. Students can activate their accounts at Please note that your lastname.# is needed to activate your account. Your lastname.# is provided in an email when you receive your notice of admissions. You can also obtain your lastname.# by contacting your enrollment unit and/or the Contractual Outreach registration coordinator.

While at the website, you can optionally forward your Ohio State email to your favorite personal email account, or use your default account, Buckeye Mail. (If you choose to forward your email, note that this process may take an hour.)

  • Your Windows Live ID should be your FULL Buckeye Mail address:
  • Windows Live ID:
  • Password: (your Ohio State password, the one you chose during activating your account at, also used by CarmenCanvas and other online services).

Additional information about Ohio State account management is available at

Please call (614) 688-4357(HELP) if you need assistance.

Enrollment Verification

A day or two before classes begin, all students should verify that they are correctly enrolled and that there are no incorrect fees appearing on their fee accounts. Students should check their registration under My Student Center which can be accessed through Buckeye Link at Please note that students must activate their Ohio State email account (lastname.#) for My Student Center access.

Personal Data Information Release

Per a student's designation, the university may or may not release certain information about each student to the public or through "Find People" on Ohio State's website. Refer to for more information. After your enrollment registration has been processed, you may request the "no release" option by going to Buckeye Link,, and choosing My Student Center. After signing in, scroll down to the "Personal Information" section and choose Student Information Release. On the next page, click on the tab at the top titled Withhold Directory Information, then click or unclick the box at the bottom, then hit Save. Please review and understand the restrictions of the "no release" option before requesting the designation.

Student Fee Accounts

Fees for contract courses are processed as a group and are not posted to student fee accounts in the same manner as regular course enrollment but will appear as PAID status on the student database.

Name Change

If you were previously enrolled at Ohio State and your name has changed since your last enrollment at Ohio State, and you want your current name listed on your student record, you will need to complete the “Request for Change of Record” form and fax it, along with the required documentation, to the Registrar’s Office at, 614-292-7199, or email it to

Health Insurance

It is important that you have coverage for unexpected medical care during the time you are enrolled in your contract course. International registrants are required to have at least $50,000 of medical benefits per accident or illness or be fully sponsored by their government. Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office, (614) 688-7979, for information if you need short-term health insurance coverage while you are in the Columbus area. Note that enrollment in contract courses makes you exempt from Ohio State Student Health Insurance coverage. Additional information may be found on their website at

Registration cancellation

Your registration will be cancelled if you do not submit all applicable registration materials and information (registration form, separate application when required, etc.).

If you wish to cancel your registration for this course, please notify Lauren Evans at

Holds on Record

Your registration will be cancelled if you were previously enrolled at Ohio State and there is a "Hold" on your student record and you do not have the Hold cleared before enrollment processing. Please refer to your "My Student Center" on the "Buckeye Link" on the Ohio State homepage, for the department to contact regarding your Hold.

Financial Responsibility Statement

While this step is not required, as you are not paying tuition to the university for your course, it is helpful in facilitating the registration process and must be done to request an Official Transcript after the completion of the course.

For additional information on the Financial Responsible Statement (FRS) please the FAQ's found at For what is stated on the FRS, please go to Finally, to complete your FRS, please go to, scroll down to “Accounts and Financial Aid” and select “Financial Responsibility Statement.”

Online/ Web-based course access

Ohio State uses the "Carmen" online/web course management system. Please access online/web based courses through the Carmen web site at (OSU e-mail account and Internet Username activation is required to access the Carmen web site). Please note that online/web courses usually are not posted or available in the Carmen system until classes begin or 1-2 days prior to the first day.

 Former students should wait at least 48 hours after their enrollment has been updated before attempting to re-activate their account. 

Course drop/ withdrawal

All students are responsible for knowing the Ohio State University course withdrawal deadlines and academic standards requirements in addition to any specific procedures for their course/program.  For information on drop or withdrawal deadlines, please refer to “Important Dates” at For academic standards, please refer to

If you wish to cancel your registration for this course, please notify Lauren Evans,

Grade Information

Official/final grades usually are not available until after the designated semester of enrollment has ended. Ohio State does not mail grades to students. Grades can be viewed online through the "Buckeye Link" on the Ohio State home page, OSU Internet access must be activated to view grades online (refer to activation instructions/information).

Transcript Information

Information for ordering transcripts is available on the University Registrar's web site at, or by calling the Student Services Center, (614) 292-0300 (toll free: 1-800-678-6440).

Code of Student Conduct

As a student of The Ohio State University it is important to familiarize yourself with the Code of student conduct. Additional information may be found on the Office of Academic Affairs, Committee on Academic Misconduct webpage.

Vaccination Requirement

It is important to familiarize yourself with Ohio State’s new vaccination requirements, effective Autumn Term 2015. Information on each of the three components can be found at: To note, Component A will only apply to those who are taking at least one face-to face class, at the Columbus Campus, and are enrolled half-time or greater (4 graduate credit hours, 6 undergraduate credit hours.) For questions on the Vaccination Requirement or its components, please email or call the Health Information Services department at 614-292-0118.