Digital Publishing

For more information or to learn more about Digital Publishing at Ohio State:

Ashley Miller - Program Manager, Affordability and Access

Mike Shiflet - Educational Technologist, Affordability and Access

The Digital Publishing team facilitates the production of digital books in multiple formats by faculty, staff, and students at Ohio State. We offer training, resources, consultation, development, design and advice for any digital publication you may be interested in creating. Ohio State authors can take advantage of resources we provide on the ODEE Resource Center and apply to join Book Launch, a program designed to create a community of digital book authors at Ohio State.

Digital Bookstore

Anyone affiliated with Ohio State that creates a digital book in any format can request that their book be listed on our Digital Bookstore where they can be downloaded from various vendors.  

 I have worked with the Learning Technology team on lots of projects: podcast hosting and course development support for iTunes U; developing a series of digital books through the Book Launch publishing initiative; and developing a General Education online course, for which they have provided support with video production and editing, course design, and Carmen design. And general butt-kicking.Rick Pogge, Professor, Astronomy