Digital Teaching


Digital Teaching at Ohio State encompasses the digital pedagogy that university faculty and staff integrate into teaching, learning, grading, and assessment. Ohio State recognizes that we live in transformative times wherein we collaborate and interact differently within society, and new approaches must be woven into how we teach, learn, and research.   

Check out the ODEE Resource Center for tools, tips, and videos to help you get started with Digital Teaching.


The Learning Technology group made the entire iTunes U design process so easy from starting the course, developing and recording our content, and getting everything uploaded to the iTunes Store. It really did not require any special expertise on the instructors' part. The response from my department and throughout the medical center has been very positive. It is an excellent way to track educational outreach for promotion and tenure. 
Matthew Exline, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Innovative Learning Spaces

Implementing technology, such as iPads, smart phones, and applications, is an important part of the Learning Technology landscape at Ohio State. Through our classrooms, ODEE has worked to optimize connectivity and build active learning spaces on campus. Learn more about our technology-ready spaces.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a free, accessible, open global tool to provide quality educational materials to the ever expanding Ohio State community and beyond. Ohio State is the leading course provider on iTunes U, and the Learning Technology team develops interactive and engaging courses and resources for the Ohio State iTunes U course catalog

GE Online

Beginning in 2014, ODEE partnered with the College of Arts & Sciences to create online sections of popular General Education courses. With more than 20 to offer, these online GE courses provide students more flexibility in crafting their learning experience.