Step 2 - Tips to Complete the Application

  1. Select Undergraduate, Non-Degree and either Domestic Undergraduate Non-Degree Columbus Campus, or Domestic Undergraduate Non-Degree Regional Campus.
  2. Choose which semester you would like to attend from the Select Term drop down menu.  
  3. Choose your campus from the Select Campus drop down menu. Once you have made your selections, you can click Start Application.  

Please carefully read the directions within the application to successfully submit your application.

Enter Your Previous College Information

Extended Education applicants do not need to submit any previous college transcripts. Enter in your previous college information, such as the name of the institution, years attended, and degree earned, if any.

Complete Affidavit of GPA

In the application, on the GPA question, if you answered Yes or No College Credit, the Affidavit of GPA will fall off your account in 3 to 5 business days. If you answered No, please call 614-292-8860 to speak with the Admission Counselor. 

Select Undergraduate Non-Degree Continuing Status or Transient/Visitor

If you are applying as a Transient/Visitor (one term only), select Transient Status under Plan/Major Information.
If you are applying as Undergraduate Non-Degree Continuing Status (more than one term), select Continuing Status under Plan/Major Information. 

Complete Certification of Truth Statement

Be sure to complete the application with your accurate information. Entering inaccurate information could lead to the cancelation of your application and the forfeiture of your non-refundable applciation fee.