Ohio State to Offer Online Certificates

Ohio State is expanding its online programs catalog, but not every learner needs another degree. Some prospective students need to refresh their skillset in a quickly evolving industry, and others might be looking for a new experience in the same sector. To serve this population, the university will begin to offer online program certificates.

The Graduate School at Ohio State proposed the Graduate Certificate Policy in July 2016 to lead the way towards on-the-ground and online certificate offerings. The policy gives Ohio State’s colleges and departments the ability to offer students several types of certificates that develop new skills and build expertise in specialized content areas. These certificates provide opportunities to those who are looking to advance in their career or expand their education without committing to the full college experience.

For colleges, an online certificate program is a way to discover what it means to invest in distance education, offer online instruction, or to expand upon existing online offerings. By developing an online certificate program, a college will have full access to services offered by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE), including instructional design and marketing support.

There are 10 identified online certificates seeking approval from the Graduate School and the Council on Academic Affairs, with more on the way. These programs are between 12 to 20 credit hours and include at least four courses.

If you are considering creating an online certificate program for Autumn 2017, contact ODEE’s Outreach Coordinator, Jacob Bane.