Plan your course

Designing your online course

The hub of your course learning space is the Carmen learning management system. It's important to design and build a syllabus-based course structure before students start the term. Most leading distance education research organizations, including the Quality Matters organization, advocate a backward design process as you prepare your online course. This involves:

  • Articulating your intended learning outcomes
  • Determining assessments to measure the outcomes
  • Building a week-by-week learning plan with supporting activities

If working on a course for a fully online distance education program, your instructional designer will partner will help you lay out this design plan and then use it to build the online course in Carmen. The following resources may be helpful in guiding you through the process.

ODEE resources: Course development process and templates

These documents help us develop courses for fully distance programs at Ohio State. Even if you're not working with our instructional designers in one of those programs, you may use these as resources to develop your online courses.

Course Development Timeline

This is our 14-week (semester-long) schedule for designing, developing, and constructing a course. The milestones in the process would apply to any online course project.

Distance Education Syllabus template

This accessible syllabus template, which matches our distance education Carmen course template, has specific information and policies for online courses, including participation and discussion guidelines.

Aligning your course with Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is The Ohio State University's way to ensure quality design for online and hybrid courses. Quality Assurance is built into both the course design and review process. 

Learn more about Quality Assurance in the SUPPORT section.