Program 60 for Departments


Program 60 has been serving mature learners at Ohio State since 1974. Ohio residents aged 60 years and older may participate in classes on an audit basis, when space is available. The university community recognizes the benefits of lifelong learning and the intergenerational learning environments that Program 60 provides. The information below may be useful for you if you are unfamiliar with the unique processes in place to serve Program 60 students. Thank you for supporting our learners as they pursue their educational goals. Check out Program 60 to learn more.

Do you have a Program 60 student contacting your office? If so, select from the following options for support with:


Each Program 60 student has an Ohio State username (Lastname.#) that is activated with the Guest User designation. If their username is not working, the following issues may exist:

  1. They have not activated their username through

  2. The Program 60 Coordinator has not requested their username or updated their guest user status.

    • If so, please have them contact the Program 60 Coordinator by email or call the ODEE office at 292-8860, for assistance.


Program 60 students are not in the Student Information System (SIS), so their names will not appear on the Carmen class lists. At their first class meeting, Program 60 students should provide instructors with a Carmen Information Sheet containing their Ohio State username and other pertinent information. Students wishing to participate in distance education (online classes) will need to be added to the Carmen class list for the course once the instructor has been notified and their permission to attend has been granted.

Note: If you cannot find a username (lastname.#) when adding a Program 60 student to your classlist, THEY likely have not activated their account. You cannot add them to your classlist until it's activated. 


The university does not collect lab fees from Program 60 students. Each department establishes their own policies regarding Program 60 student participation in classes with associated lab fees.

Late Registration

Program 60 students are allowed to register online by going to the Program 60 website through the second Friday of each term. They are not subject to the same late registration requirements as credit students and are not in the Student Information System (SIS). Therefore, Program 60 students are not required to complete petitions to register late. The Program 60 Coordinator will allow late registration with instructor approval.


Program 60 students are allowed access to Ohio State library resources. Access is granted to students when they visit the Thompson Library each term to reactivate their account. They must present a BuckID to the librarian when they request reactivation. Program 60 students may also be granted access to the Secured Media Library with instructor permission. Contact to request access. Include the course information, the student’s name and username (lastname.#) in your request.       


To contact the Program 60 Coordinator, please send email to or call 292-8860.