Steps to Participate

To get you ready for the steps to begin your Program 60 experience, here are answers to some frequently asked questions to assist you before you reach out to our office:

How old do I have to be to participate? Where do I have to live?

You must have resided in the State of Ohio for one calendar year, and be age 60 or older during the term of registration and enrollment, to participate in Program 60 at Ohio State.

When can I take courses?

Program 60 students are able to take courses during the summer, spring and fall terms.

What kind of courses can I take?

Students can attend undergraduate, graduate-level and distance learning courses on a space-available basis.

Can the course I take count towards a future degree?

No. Program 60 is a tuition-free, noncredit/non-degree program. You will be auditing a course and will not receive college credit.

Are there fees to participate?

There are no university and tuition fees to participate in Program 60. Participants are potentially responsible for course and lab fees. Participants may also purchase textbooks as they see fit.

When do the registration and enrollment terms open?

Program registration opens five weeks before the term begins, while course enrollment opens three weeks before the term begins.

What resources do I have access to as a Program 60 participant?

As a Program 60 participant, you have access to a whole list of resources offered online and on-campus. Some of these include buying a parking pass, membership to the RPAC and student support services.

Program 60 students are able to come into the Office of Distance Education and eLearning’s office in Mount Hall for support and guidance. You can meet with an advisor and have access to our computer and staff while filling out the registration form and enrolling in courses.

I do not have an Ohio State name.#. Do I need one to register for Program 60?

Your Ohio State name.# will be assigned upon completion of your registration form and admission to the university. Following admission, you will receive additional information on activation of your name.#.


Now you are ready to begin! Follow these steps to participate.