Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is Distance Education's internal process to ensure quality design for our online and hybrid courses.

Quality Assurance is built into both the course design and review process. This newly customized rubric and set of requirements and recommendations contain three key pieces:

University Rigor and Integrity

Administrative and curricular considerations

Our instructional designers (IDs) provide requirements and best practices about course format (delivery mode and equivalency of credit hours), academic integrity, accessibility and copyright.

Why: We help ensure that courses in the university’s online programs are equivalent in quality to every Ohio State course.

How: With resources such as a syllabus template and a database of university and college standards.

Carmen and Technology

Design and setup of the technology platforms

We create a Carmen course that is clear, navigable, welcoming, functional and accessible through a set of requirements and best practices.

Why: We leverage these tools to support — and never to stand in the way of — your teaching and learning goals. Our templates make courses consistent with the standards of Quality Matters, a widely used rubric for online courses.

How: Prebuilt Carmen course templates, as well as a careful quality-assurance process

Teaching and Learning

Design of excellent course eperiences, assignments and teaching activites

We provide expertise to re-envision excellent teaching for online learning using proven teaching strategies.

Why: ODEE supports the university’s mission of excellence in teaching. Our course design priorities are based on current scholarship of teaching and learning as well as the invaluable experience of Ohio State faculty.

How: Flexible, backward-design process led by an experienced instructional designer.


Professional Development Grants

We provide grant opportunities to participate in Quality Matters professional development courses. See Quality Matters Grants for more information.


Ohio State Lead QM Coordinator

Interested in learning more about Quality Assurance or the available Quality Matters grants? Reach out to Ohio State's Lead QM Coordinator Timothy Lombardo for more information.