Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is Distance Education's process to ensure quality design for online and hybrid courses.

To support instructors and academic units in creating high-quality courses, the ODEE instructional design team has developed a set of internal standards that capture university policies, recent scholarship on student success and feedback from Ohio State faculty collaborators.

Administrative and curricular course considerations

This category includes university policies and other course characteristics such as accreditation standards for distance courses, student attendance tracking for federal financial aid, and various aspects of academic integrity.

Design and setup of course technology platforms

These are items relating to the mechanics of online courses — specifically the characteristics of the CarmenCanvas course site and other instructional technologies that affect students' ability to access and navigate the course successfully.

Course experiences, assignments and teaching activities

These four areas of online course instruction have the greatest effect on student learning, according to current scholarship. We provide strategies for success in each area — but these are not mean to be comprehensive or prescriptive.


Professional Development Grants

We provide grant opportunities to participate in Quality Matters professional development courses. See Quality Matters Grants for more information.


Ohio State Lead QM Coordinator

Interested in learning more about Quality Assurance or the available Quality Matters grants? Reach out to Ohio State's Lead QM Coordinator Timothy Lombardo for more information.