Third-Party Contract Courses

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We offer your Ohio State academic department services to help facilitate contract credit course offerings to a select group of individuals determined by a third party/external entity such as a private business or governmental agency. 

Contractual Outreach may provide services to an Ohio State academic department in contract with:

  • Businesses
  • Industry
  • Civic organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Associations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Other external parties to the university

Courses may include:

  • Graduate credit courses
  • Undergraduate credit courses
  • A course that is for both undergraduate and graduate credit
  • Courses delivered on or off campus, onsite at the organization or online

Our services to the academic department may include:

  • Coordination of fee suppression
  • Registration services
  • Student guidance for the admissions application process
  • Personal involvement with the students throughout the entire enrollment process
  • Coordination of the program through a point of contact within the academic department
  • Providing a fee waiver option for the students’ admission application fees on behalf of 
the academic department