Video Recording Studio

Denney 063     (614)-292-3654
Our video recording studio allows you to make a professional quality recording with very little setup. Please call to reserve the space and review our reservation guidelines. When you call we will ask you about your project and provide more instructions for a successful shoot. A staff member will also be available in the Digital Union during your reservation in the event you have a question or need assistance. 
This allows you to record high quality video without any production experience. You simply enter the studio, plug in your flash drive and touch one button to start shooting.  When you finish recording, your video file will load onto your flash drive automatically. 

Advanced Features 

Multicam- the multicam option will allow users to record 1080p video from three different angles, creating a world of new options in post-production.

Picture in Picture- With this recording mode, instructors can deliver a lesson alongside their slides, making for a more engaging lecture capture video.

Green screen/Chromakey- Use our green screen functionality to transport yourself to a whole new world. Or at least a whole new backdrop 

Lightboard- Record videos with our lightboard to maximize student engagement. This functionality lets you write on a whiteboard while still facing the camera and superimpose graphics in post-production. 

Audio functionality-The new studio has increased audio capabilities allowing for more tailored sound. You can adjust mic sensitivity to accommodate different voices. The ability to connect an auxiliary mic will make your musical instruments sound clearer and more dynamic than recording from a general purpose mic.