New Document Display in CarmenCanvas

If you’ve used SpeedGrader in CarmenCanvas to mark up student submissions, you are likely familiar with the Crocodoc software that made annotation possible. Later this year, Crocodoc will no longer be supported, but Instructure is already a step ahead!

Instructure, the company behind Canvas, is launching their own software called DocViewer, which will allow you to (surprise!) view documents as well as provide feedback to students in SpeedGrader. According to Instructure, this software switch should be seamless for users—DocViewer allows for the same functionality available in Crocodoc, with a new Canvas-y look and feel.

As an added bonus, it will now be easier for Instructure to provide feature enhancements to DocViewer based on Canvas user feedback.

Starting Wednesday, June 21, you’ll notice the new DocViewer software all throughout CarmenCanvas. It will pop up anywhere you view documents (not just while grading), making for a more consistent user experience.

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning will continue to update support documentation in the CarmenCanvas Resource Center.