Licensure and Certification Program Inventory

Units must disclose whether completion of a licensure or certification program meets state educational requirements for licensure or certification in the state where the student lives or intends to reside.


Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Education and Human Ecology

MA Pincipal Licensure

Principal - Licensure Only

Accelerated Licensure Program for Principles

Accelerated Licensure Program for Superintendents

MA in Educational Studies, Counselor Education (School Counselor)

MA in Educational Studies, Counselor Education (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Orientation and Mobility Specialist Licensure Program

School Psychology - Education Specialist (EdS)

PhD in School Psychology

Teacher Leader Endorsement (licensure only)

MA in Educational Studies, Special Education

BS in Education, Special Education: Early Childhood

BS in Education, Special Education: Mild/Moderate

BS in Education, Special Education: Moderate/Intensive

Pre-kindergarten Special Needs Endorsement (endorsement only)

BSEd Integrated Business Education

MA Integrated Business Education

BS in Education, Technical Education and Training, Family and Consumer Science education (with licensure)

Career & Technical Education Teacher Licensure Program 

BSEd - Integrated Language Arts

BSEd - STEM: Science and Mathematics Education

BSEd - Early Childhood Education with Visual Impairment License

BSEd - TESOL Education

BSEd - World Language Education

BSEd - Primary (P-5) Education

Master of Education - Primary (p-5) Education

Master of Education - English Education/Integrated Language Arts

Master of Education - World Language Education

Master of Education - STEM: Mathematics Education

BSEd - Middle Childhood Education

Master of Education - Middle Childhood

Master of Education - STEM: Science

Master of Education - Integrated Social Studies Education

Computer/Technology Endorsement

Middle Childhood Generalist (4-6) Endorsement Program

P-6 Mathematics Specialist (P-6) Endorsement Program

Reading Endorsement

TESOL Endorsement

Bilingual Endorsement (licensure only)

Teaching Visual Impairment (licensure only)

Master of Education - Visual Impairments

Health Education Licensure

Bachelor of Education in Sports Coaching, Recreation & Physical Education

BS in Human Nutrition, Dietetics

Master Degree Training in Couple and Family Therapy

PhD in Couple and Family Therapy

AA Early Childhood Development and Education