Breaking down the changes

Carmen Update: Quizzes and Import/Export/Copy

In the past couple of weeks, we've featured improvements you will see in the Discussion and Content tools after the May 2-3 Carmen update.

You'll also notice differences within the Quizzes and Import/Export/Copy tools. While there are no changes to how Quizzes are set up, several tabs that let you work with different elements have been combined.

Enhanced Learning Technologies

Cat Mastery on the Forefront of Innovative Education

Education is forever changing. Advanced technologies are being introduced regularly with improved concepts for both teaching and learning. The use of interactive multi-touch digital books is erupting through academia and at Ohio State.

Dedicated. Dynamic. Distinguished.

Liv Gjestvang Receives Prominent University Recognition

Whether she's securing grants, winning awards at film festivals, or cracking jokes, Liv Gjestvang does it all with a commitment to the success and happiness of those around her. Her extraordinary feats as Director of Learning Technology and dedication to the well-being of others has earned her a place among the recipients of this year's Distinguished Staff Awards.

Web Resource

Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

This lengthy, well-organized web page introduces the topic of accessibility in online courses. It's a resource targeted at students who might be trying to navigate through these issues, but it's an essential reading for instructional designers and online instructors.

ODEE Presents Your Course Introduction

Recording Course Introduction Videos for Your Online Class

If you work with ODEE to help you develop your online course, one of the components that is created for your course is a course introduction video. The video welcomes students to the course and explains what they can expect to learn and why it is important. It provides students an opportunity to meet you as well, which helps humanize the online course.

It is recorded by ODEE Media Services in their studio in Mount Hall. Before recording, you will want to prepare the following: