Digital Union

Digital Union
A great place to create, meet, study and work.

The Digital Union is more than just a computer lab. We offer free 3-D printing, state-of-the-art video and audio studios, meeting spaces and more. We can help with things like manipulating images in Photoshop, merging PDF files, editing video, formatting a lab report, recording a voiceover, and scanning photos. All resources and assistance are free, with the exception of paper printing, which is managed by Uniprint.



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Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Final Cut, iLife, iWork, Audacity, Logic Pro, Pro Tools.

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Meeting Rooms

Currently unavailable.

Check out our meeting rooms and reserve one to host your group project, planning session, or team check-in today. Meeting rooms can be reserved by both students and staff.


ADA Station

Adjustable computer station w/ braille keyboard



Primarily Mac computers.

Scanners for large documents, slides, film, and photos

Cell phone charging stations



A feature of our meeting rooms. Visit to meet with collegues across campus or across the world.