Student on iPadKick-start your Buckeye journey with our tech tips for students.

To get started, visit to activate your Ohio State identity and set up BuckeyePass. Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Set up your tech!

Make sure you have a device (computer, laptop or tablet) that meets Ohio State's minimum requirements.

You'll also need stable, high-speed internet access (DLS, cable, home or public Wi-Fi or eduroam) a current web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chome, and an up-to-date Java plugin.

Step 2: Explore tools and resources for students.

What is Digital Flagship, and where's the nearest Digital Union? Learn how to publish a website or pick up a new laptop with these important links.

Popular Tools

Microsoft 365

Your BuckeyeMail account also gives you free access to Microsoft 365.

Included software: 


CarmenCanvas is used by instructors, staff, and Graduate Teaching Associates to create and share course materials. It's named for the song "Carmen, Ohio" — Ohio State's alma mater.

To log in, navigate to

View the Getting Started guide for help using CarmenCanvas.


CarmenZoom is Ohio State's academic audio and web conferencing solution. Ohio State students have the functionality of a Zoom pro account.

Make sure to log in through CarmenZoom before any classes or meetings to make connecting in the future more seamless. Log in through rather than a free Zoom account so you are not limited to 40-minute meetings.

View the Getting Started with CarmenZoom guide.

Show your Buckeye pride! Download custom Ohio State CarmenZoom backgrounds.

More Resources

Step 3: Get help.

Everyone needs a hand now and then. We're here for you with tech support and answers to your questions about internet and technology access.