Help Your Students Prepare for Online Learning

When faced with the choice between an in-person class and an online-only course, some students may opt for online, thinking it will be easier. However, many students struggle in online courses, and freshmen especially are more likely to fail an online course. Whether you teach an online-only course or you have a large online component to your traditional in-person class, there are steps you can take to help your students prepare for online learning.
The Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) offers a variety of tools you can use to help your students become online ready.
  1. Online Readiness Quiz - Give students a space to gauge if they are ready for online higher education and what they can expect from the Ohio State experience. The tool helps them consider their strengths and understand the challenges of an online course by asking questions and presenting short video clips throughout the survey. At the end, students will receive a summary of their self-assessment across time management, study habits and more, along with feedback on how to improve their online readiness.
  1. Video Tutorials and Success Tips - Embed these YouTube videos in your CarmenCanvas course or share the link with your students. These brief videos will help set better expectations for first-time online learners.
  1. CarmenCanvas Module - ODEE created a module that you can plug directly into your course. In the Canvas Commons, search "online readiness OSU" and it will be the first item that shows up. Once you have pulled it into your course, you can customize the content, rearrange and delete sections and decide if it will be mandatory or optional for students. The module includes the Online Readiness Quiz and video playlist mentioned above, along with other resources. For help using Canvas Commons, you can review this guide.

You can incorporate any of these items into the online portion of your course. These resources can help prepare students for learning online and help online-only students know what to expect. While it is ultimately up to the student to make the commitment to online learning, you can help set them up for success by providing tools that will help them take ownership of their education.