Audio Studio


An audio recording studio is a sound-insulated, quiet room equipped with tools that facilitate the recording and editing of audio files. Each space features unique tools, but builds on the basic setup of a microphone(s), software for audio capture and editing, and playback capabilities.


The Digital Union's professional quality audio studio is located in Denney Hall. The studio is ideal for guests with advanced needs such as multi-track recording, microphones for a variety of instrument types, and advanced editing software. 

Beginners are welcome, and staff are available to assist with the recording process.


Call any Digital Union to reserve the recording studio in Denney. Click here to see phone numbers and directions. Please review our reservation guidelines prior to making an appointment. 

Professional Audio Studio - Denney


Most visitors use Garageband or Audacity; however, higher level audio software is also installed.


Our audio hardware is connected to an iMac. A variety of microphones are available for users to choose from depending on the type of instrument being used.