Teach in an Innovative Space

An instructor talks to a small group of students in an active learning classroom.Innovative Spaces is a campus-wide initiative to foster transformational teaching and learning by providing access to classrooms designed for increased student engagement.

This collaboration between the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) and the University Registrar encourages a greater focus on active learning pedagogy and more deliberate use of technology and physical classroom spaces on the Columbus campus. 

Our Innovative Spaces include a variety of configurations of Active Learning Classrooms with flexible furniture, whiteboards, and more. For the first time, we are also offering Remote-Enhanced Classrooms that support robust simulcasting so your students can better connect and participate in synchronous class activities from a distance.

If you have designed your course to integrate active learning strategies or regular simulcasting, we encourage you to explore the rooms below and contact your course scheduler for more information.

Active Learning Classrooms

Click the links below to explore individual classroom features, such as movable desks and tables, whiteboards, and multiple display monitors.

* This space is enhanced for both active learning and remote learning.

Remote-Enhanced Classrooms

In addition to the standard podium webcam and classroom camera, each space below features a ceiling microphone to better capture in-person student voices and a large annotation monitor that displays students attending via Zoom.

* This space is enhanced for both active learning and remote learning.