What is a lightboard?

The lightboard allows instructors to draw whatever they would on a whiteboard, while still facing the camera. It’s recorded on a plain black background so your writing stands out. Lecturers or their support staff can also superimpose graphics onto the screen in post-production, maximizing student engagement.


Located inside the video recording studio inside Digital Union Denney Hall, room 063, the lightboard is available for OSU faculty, staff, and students to use.

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Call Digital Union Denney Hall to reserve the video studio.

(614) 292-3654

What To Expect

Guest Preparation

  • Make a Reservation; the first 10 minutes will be setup time, so plan accordingly.
  • Bring a USB drive (FAT32 format; 1GB for 20min)
  • Wear medium color clothing. Avoid white, black, and dark gray.
  • Avoid wearing text or asymmetrical logos.

Setting up the Studio (Staff)

  • Plug in USB drive & poke touchscreen to wake the system
  • Power OFF room lights and rear stage lights, leaving only front two stage lights ON.
  • Use black wall or cloth backdrop
  • Wheel the lightboard in place; wheels should be sitting directly on top of the white tape
  • Lock the wheels and plug in lightboard
  • Confirm 4 colors of expo markers and 2 microfiber cloths in the tray
  • Draw a short line in the middle of the lightboard
  • Power on the lightboard just enough so the marker glows, then erase the line
  • Adjust camera zoom and position
  • Move high chair in front of mini red Crestron screen, and move any objects that are casting/reflecting light onto the lightboard
  • Tilt the lightboard slightly forward if necessary
  • Draw an X at each corner of the board just outside the shot to remind you of the boundaries

Start/Stop Recording

  • To start, press record button on Crestron panel, and step behind the lightboard.
  • Wait 10 seconds before beginning performance.
  • To stop the recording, return to the podium, and press the stop button.

During the Video

  • Check on the confidence monitor periodically to ensure you don’t write offscreen
  • Don’t stand directly behind your writing OR you can move to the side after you write it.
  • Avoid touching rings, jewelry or anything to the board that might scratch it.
  • To address the viewer, look toward the camera, not the confidence monitor.

Reset the Studio (Staff)

  • Power off the lightboard
  • Clean the lightboard (microfiber cloth and water if needed, NO expo spray or paper towels)
  • Unplug the lightboard
  • Unlock the wheels and wheel the lightboard against the wall
  • Power on rear stage lights

Finish the Video

  • Import video to Quicktime
  • Click Edit > Trim to trim off the beginning/end few seconds of the video (Tutorial)
  • Click Edit > Flip Horizontally to flip the video (Tutorial)
  • Export video file (.mov). Click File > Export > 1080p.
  • Optional: convert video to MP4 using MPEG Streamclip (tutorial starting at step #8)
  • Publish video by uploading to Mediasite, Youtube, etc…