Carmen Instructional Videos

Over the past couple of weeks, we have added a large selection of instructional videos to Carmen's help documentation.

The majority of these videos were produced by Carmen's vendor, D2L. The process in each video is accurate, though in some cases the screenshots may not match with Carmen. See the written help documentation for Ohio State-specific instructions.

Navigate to the newly added instructional videos and all corresponding written documentation through either the help article pages or the instructional video pages.

Help Article Page

For all articles with corresponding videos, you'll notice a tab named Related Videos on the article page.

Watch the video from the Related Videos tab by clicking the play button. Alternatively, click the video title to display it within the instructional video's page.

Instructional Video Page

All videos correspond to one or more written help articles. Below each video is a list of Affected Items (e.g., written help articles related to the video).

Click the article name to display the help article.

To see the full listing of Carmen's instructional videos, please see Carmen's Resource Center page. From the Instructional Videos box, click See All.