Partner with State Authorization

Ohio State isn't just a campus in Columbus. Buckeyes earn their education from around the world. Before programs can recruit or enroll students beyond the U.S., or state borders, Ohio State is required to obtain state authorization approvals from higher education regulatory agencies. Whether the program is offered online or on the ground, the “physical presence” of the program is what matters.

“Physical presence can include the location where the student is receiving online instruction, where students are placed for experiential learning opportunities, or the location Ohio State advertises and recruits,” said Leslie Weibush, State Authorization Program Manager. “Physical presence can also encompass all of Ohio State’s students and activities, regardless of program delivery mode.”

In sum, if a student is doing any type of academic program-related activity in a certain state, that state needs to be approved. This means Ohio State is required to obtain state regulatory agency approvals in states where students are placed for experiential learning opportunities. Experiential learning opportunities include long-term activities like internships and practicums, to short-term happenings such as research visits.

Programs do not need to navigate this complex system of rules and regulations alone. The State Authorization team is here to help. Recently the Department of Nursing took advantage of this resource and teamed-up with ODEE's State Authorization team to tackle approvals for online nursing programs. This process is especially complex because it involves obtaining authorization from state regulatory agencies and state boards of nursing. Once both approvals are received, Ohio State can begin offering online nursing programs to its students. 

Together, the State Authorization and Nursing teams developed a strategy to touch base with all nursing boards to see if any regulatory changes have taken place, in addition to understanding the requirements from each of the state boards. After weeks of contacts, follow-up conversations, and interpretations of regulations, the nursing programs authorization went from just a few states to the additional states shown on the map. 

These types of collaborative efforts are critical to remain in compliance with state regulatory agencies and professional licensing boards. By joining together to support the same initiative, efforts are not duplicated and each area of expertise can help guide the process. Obtaining state authorizations greatly benefits potential Ohio State students by offering the widest range of programs possible. See how your program can expand its reach by contacting the state authorization team

Online Nursing State Authorization Approvals