ODEE + OCIO Ride for One Goal

Ohio State's Team Buckeye-OCIO is back in action for the 2015 Pelotonia bike ride. The team consists of ten Peloton members across ODEE and OCIO. Six riders, three virtual riders, and one volunteer are all working toward One Goal: End Cancer.

Each participant has their own reason for supporting Pelotonia and raising money for the James Cancer Research Center. Some have been personally affected by cancer, some ride for loved ones who have suffered from the disease, and many hope for cancer prevention.

This year’s Buckeye-OCIO Peloton Captain is Marcia Ham, Senior Instructional Designer and Faculty Development Coordinator at ODEE. She and her peloton members have organized events, such as the Pelotonia Picnic Breakfast, to energize their colleagues across OCIO and ODEE while fundraising for the cause. Donations are also accepted online through their fundraising page.

“Imagine that all it takes is one click of a button for you to help rid the world of cancer,” Ham said.

Pelotonia is changing people’s lives forever through the funds raised to support cancer research. With the passionate Peloton members of Team Buckeye, along with the thousands of others stepping up to do their part, the battle against cancer is closer to being won.