A Fresh Look for ODEE Services

Be on the lookout, some ODEE services are getting a makeover. 

Monday June 29, you will notice that CarmenConnect, CarmenWiki, ODEE Events, and Mediasite look a little different. On Wednesday July 1, you will see similar changes in Carmen. Don’t fret; the updates are only cosmetic and the functionality of each site remains the same.

The main changes you will notice are on the landing pages of each site. You'll see new branding that makes each service consistent with other ODEE offerings.  We've also made links to key areas of the Resource Center more prominent for easy access.

You’ll also notice that Carmen was changed to Carmen Courses. By adding Courses to the main Carmen site, we can distinguish between other Carmen services such as CarmenWiki or CarmenConnect.

For more information about any of our online services, see the Resource Center

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