iTunes U FY2015 Update

With 4.2 million+ visitors, 3.9 million+ downloads, 1.9 million+ streams and 902,598 subscriptions since 2012, Ohio State is the leading provider of open public content in iTunes U. Our professors continued to offer free, high-quality courses to learners around the globe in fiscal year 2015, increasing the total number of public Ohio State courses to 79.

Enrollees tune in from all over, but Ohio State students benefit too. iTunes U offers a free way to brush up on rusty math skills, or explore a new topic before enrolling in a for-credit course. Meanwhile the platform reaches a larger, more diverse group of learners. Faculty who teach iTunes U courses gain insights that they can bring back to their classrooms on campus.


  • Your grandma could be taking a course by one of your professors; 14.7% of visitors were 50 and older.
  • Students carry courses in their pockets. 53.1% of visitors viewed content on an iOS/iPhone, that's 17.2% higher than the next highest device, iOS/iPad.
  • 20 new courses were published in FY15, from "Film & Comics" to "Generation Rx: The Science Behind Prescription Drug Abuse"
  • "Calculus One" and "General Chemistry" were the most popular courses, each with over 265,000 downloads.

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iTunes U FY15 Report (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)

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