Maintenance Program Reduces Classroom Incidents

From broken pencil sharpeners, cracked windows and stained tiles to IT issues, Classroom Services is the one-stop shop to report classroom issues.

In 2012, Classroom Services created a new maintenance program to reduce overall classroom incidents, enhance the classroom experience for faculty, and ultimately reduce wasted class time. From the start of the program to 2015, external classroom incidents—issues reported by those who use the classrooms—decreased by 47 percent overall.  

External incidents

“We are extremely proud of our reduction in classroom external incidents,” Andrew Kuhar, Assistant Director of Learning Environments, said. “Our strong commitment to internal reporting and the introduction of a new service management tool, ServiceNow, has allowed us to transform the way we maintain our classrooms.”

Under this new program, Classroom Services set out to find problems in classrooms—and fix them—before faculty are impacted. At the beginning of the program, student workers checked every classroom once every two weeks, but now they check once every week. This has increased internal reporting by 82 percent overall from 2012 to 2015. More internal reporting means fewer faculty having to report classroom issues.

Internal incidents

In addition, ServiceNow allows Classroom Services to create, track and differentiate between incidents and requests. The service classifies incidents as a break in service, and requests as someone asking for help. Kuhar cites this classification as another reason for the dramatic reduction in classroom incidents.

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