New Active Learning Classroom to Open in Fall 2016

Imagine walking into a classroom that could change at the snap of a finger. Want to do small group activities? Easy. Want to move desks around the room? No problem. Want to project wirelessly across any device? You’re covered.

The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC), Campbell 100, will do all of this and more. Set to open by Autumn 2016, the FIC will be equipped with all the necessary equipment to create a flexible space conducive to active learning. 

Campbell 100 renovation

Research at the University of Minnesota and Stanford University has shown higher grades for students taking courses in Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs), as well as higher faculty satisfaction. Universities nationwide are developing more flexible spaces and the Innovative Spaces Program was created at Ohio State to promote active learning pedagogy and facilitate ALC scheduling. Courses selected for this program will make up 50 percent of the FIC’s schedule and the space will be used for ODEE workshops, events, course development and K-12 engagement throughout the rest of the year.

Campbell 100 renovation

Besides being our largest Active Learning Classroom, with a seat capacity of approximately 65, the FIC will have several other unique features that make it one of the most exciting spaces across campus.

Configurable Furniture

Have you ever spent several minutes of a class rearranging chairs and desks in order to work in smaller groups or on projects? Flexible learning spaces have furniture that make working in smaller groups simple.

“This doesn’t necessarily have to be furniture on wheels,” Cory Tressler, Associate Director of Learning Programs, said. “It’s really about the room having the space and functionality to be configured differently for any instructor, in seconds.” 

Final furniture decisions are still being set, but there will be a mix of soft seating and more traditional desks, all of which will be configurable.

Breakout Rooms

The FIC will have two breakout rooms. One will be a small reading room made for approximately 2 to 3 people. It will include soft seating, a white board and a display monitor. The second room will be slightly larger with a conference table that seats approximately 6 people, a display monitor and a drop down green screen.  

“These breakout rooms take the idea of small group collaboration to the next level,” Tressler said. “Students will have the privacy to work in small groups, while still remaining part of the class since instructors will have the ability to project the same image from the classroom inside the breakout rooms.”

Outdoor Space

Another unique feature to the FIC will be the outdoor space connected to the core indoor learning space. The space will have AV capabilities and power outlets. This environment provides another opportunity for flexible learning and small group work.


For more information on the FIC renovation project, stay tuned to our website and follow us on Twitter @ODEEatOSU