iTunes U Accolades for OSU Enviro

Apple has named Ohio State’s iTunes U course Introduction to Environmental Science one of the “Best of 2015.”

Brian H. Lower, Associate Professor of Environmental Microbiology, teaches this course on-the-ground at Ohio State, and developed the first version of the iTunes U course.

In May 2015 Kylienne Clark, Professor Lower’s Instructional Designer, attended an iTunes U Bootcamp hosted by ODEE and redesigned the course into the current version. 

What makes this course worthy of such a distinction? Our hunch is the variety of creative learning formats, thoughtfully arranged.

“The free and open learning experience contains a wide range of learning materials including instructional videos created by Dr. Lower, useful mobile apps, and an eBook,” said Cory Tressler, Associate Director of Learning programs.

The e-book Tressler mentions was created by Dr. Lower’s own students, who developed the book’s contents as demonstrations of their own learning.

“All of these resources are organized in a thoughtful, easy to follow way, so that learners of all ages throughout the world can learn about this important area of science.”