Changes to Desktop Recorder

On Sunday, Dec. 20, the Mediasite Desktop Recorder will be updated.

When you open the Desktop Recorder after Dec. 20, you will see a prompt to download the latest version. We encourage you to download the recorder to take advantage of the new features.

With the new Desktop Recorder, the process to setup your recording will consolidate from five steps to four. Steps three and four, “Prepare Screen” and “Capture Area,” merge to form one step: “Capture Area.”

You will use one tool to select which area of the screen to capture while preparing the screen for recording at the same time. As always, be sure to clear all sensitive information from your screen.

Choose from one of three areas to record:

Desktop, Window, and Region selection buttons in Desktop Recorder

  • Desktop — If you have more than one monitor, you can now select which monitor you would like to record. Choosing this option could give you a bigger recording area than you need, which may cause resolution problems.
  • Window — You can choose a specific window (e.g., individual browser, PPT presentation or other specific program) to record.
  • Region — Similar to the previous version, you can select an area of the screen to record. The larger the region area, the larger the produced file size will be. The “Region” selection allows one of three options. The 4:3 ratio option will produce a more box-like picture, because the screen is only slightly wider than it is high. A 16:9 ratio will produce a widescreen, or letterbox, picture. Alternatively, you can choose a freeform area of the screen to record.

See the Mediasite articles in the Resource Center for more information about using Mediasite.