New at the DU: 3-D, Poster and Color Printing

Want to bring your design to life via 3-D printing? Do you need to print a poster for a class project? Or maybe you want to print your graphically-designed resume in color? You can now do all three at the Stillman Hall Digital Union, where 3-D, poster and color printing are now available for students, faculty and staff.

The DU’s free 3-D printing service was piloted last spring to all students, faculty and staff. ODEE decided to offer 3-D printing as a long-term service based on positive feedback from those who participated in the pilot.

Plotter printer and 3D printers

“I saw so much creativity and excitement,” said Queenie Chow, Manager of the DUs. “Students were overjoyed about the opportunity to print models of their own design.”

3-D printing can take hours or even days depending on the size, density and complexity of the model. Going forward, the DU will accept 10 submissions per week to be printed free of cost. More submissions may be accepted if time allows, and priority will be given to submissions that show the strongest academic relevance and innovative potential.

In addition to 3-D printing, the Stillman Hall DU now also has a plotter printer and a multifunction printer. The plotter printer allows students to print color posters for $2 per square foot. The multifunction printer allows for color printing on 8.5" x 11" plain white paper at 4 cents per page. Payments for both printers can be made via BuckID. 

The new printing services offer students, faculty and staff the opportunity to experiment with new technology on campus.

“A lot of students can’t afford the prices set by commercial 3-D or poster printing facilities, and most specialty printing labs on campus serve a narrow set of specific majors,” Chow said. “We know innovative ideas can come from anyone, and by making these resources affordable, more OSU students, staff and faculty will get to see their projects come to life.”

Learn more about our plotter, color and 3-D printing services. Are you ready to bring your design to life in 3-D? Apply online now