Faculty Feedback Informs Innovative Spaces Program

Imagine a typical experience inside a classroom. An instructor stands at the front of the class lecturing off slides with text, while students type out notes on their computer. Little participation and little interaction. But, what if there were classrooms equipped with the resources to increase student engagement?


Classrooms in the Innovative Spaces Program are designed to improve the overall experience and engagement for both faculty and students. These rooms are equipped with mobile furniture, multiple monitors for wireless projection, and whiteboards throughout the room. 


After completing a fall 2015 course in one of our Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs), faculty provided important feedback on their experience using the space. Common themes were expressed by several participants:


  • Mobile seating was a popular feature, as well as marker boards
  • There were some problems connecting iPads wirelessly to displays
  • Technology walk-throughs were popular among faculty teaching in Stillman 135
  • Participants were interested in hearing how other instructors used the spaces


“Feedback is an important part of this program,” said Sam Craighead, Manager of Learning Experience for the Office of Distance Education and eLearning. “Our goal is to continue developing classrooms that enhance the learning experience, while evolving this program to meet faculty and student needs.”


With feedback from faculty, changes have already been initiated for spring 2016 such as adding more marker boards to Stillman 135. Other updates will be made over time, which include:

  • Developing a plan through Ohio State’s Classroom Readiness Committee to expand the number of ALCs, looking especially at expanding availability of mobile furniture and marker boards
  • Adding a new classroom to our program starting fall 2016
  • ODEE is currently running a wireless display pilot to improve the classroom experience with technology – details TBA 
  • Developing an additional workshop to share program participant strategies for teaching in innovative spaces


Interested in taking part in our Innovative Spaces program? Applications are now open for spring 2017.