ID Experience: HRS 5510

Creating an effective online learning experience that is engaging for students can be a daunting challenge, but with consideration and planning a dynamic educational environment can be created. Crystal Dunlevy, Associate Professor in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, took on this challenge with the design of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences 5510 (HRS 5510): Pharmacological Aspects of Practice in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences.

Crystal was concerned initially about the dry nature of the course content. However, by using a phased Instructional Design approach to course design, Crystal was able to create engaging elements to be placed in her course. Throughout her course design process Crystal brainstormed and collaborated with Jessica Phillips, Senior Instructional Designer and Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives with ODEE. Crystal was able to bring her expert knowledge of the content while Jessica was able to draw from research and experience in online course design to make recommendations that would ultimately transform Crystal’s course to an effective online learning experience.

After working with Jessica, Crystal was able to find ways to help students engage with the course on a deeper level. Students were invited to explore interactive scenarios called “Minute Clinics”, which Crystal and Jessica built together to give students opportunities to make decisions and experience consequences that reinforced the content of the course. Additionally, Mock Twitter feeds were also built by Jessica (using Crystal’s knowledge of the subject matter) to highlight current events in a fun and unique way. Content that was once considered “dry” had become engaging for students, which was made evident by the jump in SEI scores (from 3.2 to 4.8). Students were able to connect with the course in a profound way and relate the content to their professions.

To learn more about Crystal’s course and to see an example of how engagement and instructor presence was added, watch her course introduction video for students

Example of Mock Twitter

Jessica Phillips, ODEE Instructional Designer, created Mock Twitter scenarios for students to understand implications of patient responses and knowledge. Jessica incorporated popular culture trends and current events to relate the course material back to students to liven up the course materials. Crystal Dunlevy, Associate Professor, found her students really enjoying this tactic and further engaged with the course materials.