New Wireless Microphone Systems to the Rescue

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Wireless microphone….

Preparing for a lecture comes with tons of to-dos. After spending a lot of time and energy developing stellar classroom content, the last thing you want to face is technology woes with an important lecture tool like a wireless microphone.

In spring 2014, Classroom Services piloted a new wireless microphone system in centrally supported classrooms. The addition of wireless microphone belt packs in select classrooms:

  • Eliminate the need for faculty to rush before class to the Equipment Loan Desk to check-out a mic
  • Prevent professors from showing up to a classroom with a dead battery in their mic
  • And, ensure that instructors can promise quality lecture recordings for students to use as a way to review content and study for exams 

“Things as basic as a wireless microphone impact the student experience in the classroom, the instructor’s comfort level while lecturing, and the recording for asynchronous lecture reviews,” said Andy Kuhar, Assistant Director of Learning Environments for ODEE.

The response from faculty involved in the pilot was overwhelmingly positive. In a survey, instructors indicated that they appreciated the simplicity of use and the immediate availability of needed technology.

Due to the positive response, the Classroom Services team moved the pilot into production. At the beginning of spring 2016, 13 wireless microphone systems were installed in classrooms and lecture facilities. This process will continue for larger classrooms across campus, as Classroom Services continues through their room upgrade process.

“When it comes to technology inside the classroom, we try to be proactive and anticipate the needs of instructors,” Kuhar said. “The addition of wireless mics in classrooms allows for a smoother teaching process for faculty and an all around better classroom experience.”

For more information or questions on the wireless microphone systems, please contact Classroom Services at