A Brighter IT Future for Lima Classrooms

Upkeep of technology in the classroom can be a daunting task. Think…

  • Refresh computers in the classrooms
  • Develop a consistent user experience  
  • Make reporting incidents quick and easy
  • Upgrade technology resources in the classroom before issues arise

And that list is only a snapshot of what goes into managing technology resources for campus classrooms. In spring 2015, ODEE Learning Systems Infrastructure, Learning Environments (LE) Computing and OCIO Networking began working with Lima Technology Services to improve technology upgrades for Lima classrooms.

“Before our involvement with Lima classrooms, there were computers being used to teach class that were nearly ten years old,” said Andy Kuhar, Assistant Director of LE for ODEE. “We worked with them to build and implement a client management system to help manage all their classrooms across campus. We also developed a consistent user experience, like having the same operating systems on computers.”

Over the last year, the team worked together to:

  • Replace over 100 computers across campus
  • Swap out 21 computers in 5 labs in Lima Life Science Building
  • Swap out 26 instructor-based computers in Lima classrooms
  • Develop and deploy an updated operating system configuration on all LE computers
  • Renovate five additional Lima classrooms, aligning them with university classroom standards
  • Perform additional technology improvements to the library, which included replacing 12 computer work stations and updating furnishings
  • Streamline the classroom support model
    • Incidents and requests are now reported through the classroom helpline, instead of faculty having to walk to the IT office to request help
    • Adopt the ODEE classroom services preventative maintenance program to proactively address issues in the classrooms before affecting a class

“This endeavor required coordination between several different groups, guidance from leadership and simply could not have been accomplished by any single unit or team,” said Kuhar. “Now, the oldest computer inside a classroom on Lima’s campus is only 4 years old.”

By the end of the fiscal year, the team hopes to upgrade and renovate six more classrooms to the Columbus campus minimum computing standard. In addition, there is now a five-year plan to upgrade technology in each of the classrooms, which would include the control system, projector and computer.

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