The Canvas Adoption Timeline

Now that you know Ohio State (pending final contract negotiations) is adopting Canvas as its learning management system (LMS), what does that mean for you and your courses? We’ve broken down the Canvas Adoption timeline to best illustrate your steps over the next year.

say hello to canvas, SU16; lets get building, AU16; exemptions only, SP17

Say Hello to Canvas — summer 2016 — This is the time for you to learn about Canvas and what your best approach to adoption will be. Attend a roadshow, come to a workshop, request a custom consultation, or check out the Canvas community to get the answers you’re looking for. You should take this time to make changes to your course design to improve student learning. If you are ready, you can start teaching in Canvas as soon as summer 2016.

Let's Get Building — autumn 2016 — Autumn 2016 courses can be taught in Canvas or D2L. You should start the course building process in Canvas during autumn 2016. Request a “master shell” for each course you teach as soon as you’re ready, even for courses you won't be teaching in 2016-17. Plan to be out of D2L by December 2016.

Exemptions Only — spring 2017 — Only courses with pre-approval from ODEE will be allowed to operate in D2L during spring 2017. By summer 2017, the Ohio State community will no longer have access to D2L.

If you have questions or want more information about Canvas, visit the Canvas Adoption site.

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