A New LMS is Coming to Carmen

In the last year thousands of students, faculty and staff teamed up with our eLearning Support team to choose the best learning management system (LMS) for supporting Carmen.

We’re excited to announce that pending final contract negotiations, Ohio State will be adopting the Canvas LMS. The reasons for this change couldn’t be summarized any better than they were by our advisory committee in their LMS Evaluation Report:

A learning management system (LMS) can be viewed simplistically as a tool to deliver content and support course management. It can also be much more. The right LMS is an opportunity to motivate, energize and even inspire students. It can stimulate the imagination of faculty, and encourage more creative instructional design. It can provide deep analytics, and reveal insights into how well our students, and we, are progressing. It can create new connections and build communities of learning. But these additional benefits will only be realized if we adopt a platform that goes beyond what is merely functional and familiar.


Ultimately, the Canvas LMS offers the greatest opportunity for instructors to use best practices in teaching. It also has the features that students expect when they use technology in their daily lives. It offers a modern and intuitive interface that lets its users focus on the learning content instead of the system that houses it.

Our eLearning Support team will be offering robust support during this year-long adoption period. We’ve spent many months getting to know the ins and outs of this powerful system and are looking forward to supporting faculty so they can make the most of the advantages Canvas has to offer.

Ready to learn more? Visit the Canvas Adoption site to get the details on our selection of Canvas, what the adoption process will look like, and where you can attend a roadshow presentation.

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