5 Big Changes for Innovate 2016

Change is good. As we explore Excellence for the 2016 conference, we've been considering new ways to step up our game and make this the most valuable Innovate yet. Here's what we came cup with for this year's attendees:

1. No More Posters

We heard you! There are better ways to share your work than a printed poster. 

2. Idea Showcase

Enter: a better way to share your work. It's like if Steal My Idea and Faculty Showcase had a baby. Hear some inspiring ideas via rapid fire presentations, and get some time to talk it out with the speakers who inspire you and your own work.

3. Fund My Idea

Just like it sounds: it's Steal My Idea, with money! We're accepting proposals now for this friendly competition for even friendlier funds that turn your inventive learning tech idea into a reality. Submit by April 13.

4. Dr. Bonnie Stewart

Okay, so the keynote changes every year, but we're too excited to not mention her. Stewart is an expert on online identities and learning. She's been a key player in the MOOCs field since the beginning, and offers insights into how we leverage networks for learning to prepare our students for the world in which they'll work. Her keynote address will be a great spring board for the conference sessions that follow.

5. Cool Tools

In our humble opinions, a great conference offers big questions, theoretical solutions, and the tangible tools that you can apply in your daily work. Throughout the day we're holding three Cool Tools sessions to help you get familiar with those specific apps and hardware that solve important challenges in teaching, learning and research.

One thing we didn't change? The cost. Innovate is still free to attend, so check out the conference schedule for details grab your spot today. We look forward to seeing you May 11 at the Ohio Union.