Using Carmen This Summer

Some courses are ready to adopt Canvas as early as May 2016, making the best of the new features and functionality for summer courses. Others won’t be ready to make the leap so soon.

This means Ohio State will be using two learning management systems starting summer semester. It sounds crazy, as Ohio State is traditionally an LMS-monogamous school, but we’re committed to making it work for you and your students.

A new landing page for will help students and instructors navigate between courses that live in either LMS. From here you will see a list of all of your courses, regardless of whether it’s conducted in Canvas or D2L.

This page will continue to be the ongoing Carmen landing page after the transition year. It will provide quick access to key Carmen functions for instructors, such as creating an academic course shell when you are ready to start building, adding OSU-affiliated guests to your courses, and transferring final grades to the Registrar’s system.


You’ll always start at If you’re in Canvas and need to switch to another course that still lives in D2L, just go back to to find your full list of courses.  The same goes if you are in D2L and need to get to a course in Canvas.


You can start building your summer course now, in a Canvas Sandbox. The final, permanent instance of Canvas will be made available later this month. You can easily move your content over from the sandbox to the production instance, without losing any of the functionality that you built.


The Canvas Adoption site offers FAQs, a list of Canvas support events including 1:1 help at our office hours, and more. The Canvas section of the Resource Center offers tutorials to use while you’re building your Carmen courses in the new LMS.