Calendar Tool

Students, you're taking five courses, working a part-time job, all while remaining active in your favorite Ohio State clubs. How do you keep track of it all without loosing your sanity? Enter the Canvas calendar tool.

“The weekly roadmap is very helpful for time management and breaks everything down for the week by days. Very helpful!!” — Student feedback from autumn 2015 pilot

The calendar tool was a favorite among students and faculty during the autumn 2015 and spring 2016 Canvas pilots. This tool helps you stay organized by displaying assignments and due dates across all active courses. Stay social by adding your own personal items to the calendar.  If you prefer, you can even add your Canvas calendar to your own personal external calendar tool.

The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your courses in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month or agenda list. — Canvas community

Instructors, you’ll love the tool too, especially if you teach more than one course. Avoid weekend grading nightmares by checking at a glance if you’ve made assignments in multiple classes due on the same day. Your students will also be thrilled to not be overloaded all at once.

“I think the calendar and syllabus features make it really easy for students to know what is going on and what is due when.” — Instructor feedback from autumn 2015 pilot

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