A New Look for Ohio State Online

Why yes, Ohio State Online does look a little different. Thanks for noticing.

As we all know, change is constant. Whether we are streamlining a service, adopting a new program or developing a new brand for an existing project, we are always looking at ways to improve.

In March, Ohio State Online went through a brand evolution to better depict online programs at The Ohio State University. In case you haven’t noticed yet (we forgive you), below are the branding updates you will see: 

Wi-Fi Campaign Symbol 

Wi-Fi Block O Symbol

In the first year of Ohio State Online, our goal was to create a website that would serve as the authority for all online degree programs at Ohio State. Once completed, we began raising awareness across Ohio with advertisements of all the new distance education programs. This advertising led to the creation of our new campaign symbol the Wi-Fi Block O.

“Thanks to our state authorization team, we now have the opportunity to begin expanding our advertising reach,” Katharine Keune, Senior Director of Marketing, Communication & Training, said. “The new Wi-Fi Block O symbol provides a visual representation for the new format of degree programs offered at the university.”

Secondary Signature

Ohio State Online secondary signature


In addition to the new symbol, we also received an approved secondary signature from University Communications.

“Having a secondary signature was an important part of our alignment with the university,” Keune said. “We wanted potential students to see our online degree programs as a distinct but equal entry point to the university.”

New Tagline  

While updating our visual brand, we also simplified our Ohio State Online tagline to ‘Same Diploma. New Classroom.’

Our online students are held to the same high admissions standards and are taught by the same faculty as that of our on-campus programs, which maintains the quality and rigor of a degree from Ohio State. At the same time, we hope that the 100% online programs will enable a larger set of potential students to attend Ohio State.

Stay tuned to Ohio State Online for more information about all of the online degree programs available at the university.