3-D Printing Projects

Our Stillman Hall Digital Union has recently made 3-D printing a permanent feature, and it’s free. The printers are open to students, faculty, and staff to make three-dimensional objects in PLA plastic. Several innovative submissions have been created highlighting projects that comprise originality, academic need, or are simply interesting and meaningful. This slideshow exhibits five printed models from the two 3-D printers offered in our DU.

Slideshow 3D Printing Projects

iPhone Case: Jacqeline Roman

Roll Cage for Nanocopter: Tyler Pedelose

Engine Air Particle Separator: Jake Shoemaker

Physics Instructional Model: William Putikka

Mountable Cone-shaped Planter: Danielle Popp

All submissions received by 9 a.m. Friday of each week are reviewed; those selected will be printed the following week. Submissions received after 9 a.m. will be reviewed the following Friday. Many projects have been printed, and there will be many more to come. Interested in bringing one of your designs to life? Submit a form online to begin your 3-D printing experience.