Mediasite Update Coming Soon

Mediasite, Ohio State’s lecture capture service will get an update next weekend. Here are the enhancements you can expect to see in the new version:

New Scheduled Actions

You’ll be able to schedule changes to the visibility of your content in the new and improved Mediasite. Choose a time for your video to be set to Viewable, Offline or Private. You can even schedule when your content moves to the Recycle bin.

More Browsers for Web Editing

Edit your videos in Chrome or Edge, now that the Mediasite Web Editor uses Flash rather than Silverlight. Silverlight still required for legacy browsers IE10 & older.

A More Flexible Playback Experience

Students and other Mediasite viewers will be able to watch your content from a broader variety of browsers and media players. This means less installation hold-ups and more seamless viewing. The Mediasite update offers better support for Flash Media as the default player for smooth streaming.

Simplified Profile Management

No more email confirmation and user profile prerequisites before getting into My Mediasite. New users will have an easier time getting right to work when they decide to use the service.

Accessibility Wins

New keyboard shortcuts will help users navigate the timeline without needing to use a mouse: 
•    Use left [ and right ] bracket keys to jump back and forth
•    Shift + left [ or Shift + right ] bracket keys for bigger jumps back & forth
•    Control + left [ or Control + right ] bracket keys to jump back & forth by 30 seconds

The update also includes new ARIA tags, including chapter change callouts indicating that a chapter has been passed, and Seek To callouts indicating a “Seek To X percent” in the video.

Mediasite will be updated Sunday, May 29 from version 7.0.25 to 7.0.27. You will not be able to work in Mediasite or play content from the platform during the maintenance window May 29, from 12:01 a.m. - 3 a.m. Thanks for your patience while we make these enhancements to the Mediasite service.

Not familiar with Mediasite or all of the features it offers for sharing recorded lectures and presentations? Check out the Mediasite Resource Center for tutorials and service information.