Faculty Share First Impressions of Canvas

Over the past year, more than 50 courses in Carmen were taught using the Canvas LMS. You can now listen to testimonials from the early adopters who piloted these courses so you can get ideas for structuring your own classes in Canvas.
Nicole Kraft

Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo

Mary Lightbody

Melissa Beers and Ziv Bell


Nicole Kraft, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication appreciates that it’s hard to get lost in Canvas. She said, “No matter how you navigate the material, there's a way for you.” She’ll walk you through multiple ways to access the course content, showing how simple it is for students.
Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo, director of the Office of Teaching and Learning at the College of Veterinary Medicine discussed Canvas with other faculty members and they all agreed on some key points. They said that “it's intuitive, that it's easy to use, [and] that it has a lot of features that D2L in Carmen does not have.” Melinda goes on to discuss how her college is implementing Quality Matters measures, thanks to Canvas.
Mary Lightbody, Lecturer in the College of Education School of Teaching and Learning, at Ohio State Newark, shares her students’ reactions to the Canvas LMS. She said, “They are extraordinarily thrilled with the fact that there's an app and they find it extremely easy to access Canvas on their apps.” Mary is also a master of modules, and she explains how useful they can be.
Melissa Beers, Program Director, and Ziv Bell, Graduate Teaching Assistant for Intro to Psychology both share their excitement about the new features Canvas is bringing to Carmen. 
Melissa spoke of D2L, saying, “It's almost like a mold. And when you take that mold off, then things are very different.” She added, “there's a lot more opportunity there in Canvas.” 
Her TA Ziv was enthusiastic about the clever grouping tool available in Canvas. He said, “I like the ability to make groups in the class and then students have to move around and work with the people in their group as designated by Canvas.”

Be sure to watch the testimonial series to learn more about the exciting capabilities available in Carmen (Canvas).