Physics Essential Skills

Some courses build upon essential skills. For a student to do well in an assignment, they shouldn't even need to think much about using those essential skills as building blocks. But sometimes, it just so happens that your student never properly learned how to do that essential thing. The student feels discouraged and the instructor has a hard time keeping the right pace  to cover the curriculum planned for the course.

In Ohio State's Department of Physics, students facing this situation now have access to help, thanks to Professor Andrew Heckler and his research team. With support from an ODEE Impact Grant and ASCTech's App Development group, Heckler's team continues to build and expand the Essential Skills system, which allows students the opportunity to practice the necessary skills to learn physics and keep practicing until they can nail the answers and succeed in the more complex course content.

Hear what students, faculty, and staff had to say about the Essential Skills system.