State Science Day: A Lasting Partnership

Fluid Friction, Cardiac Stress, supersized mice, and no papier-mâché volcanoes.  State Science day, hosted May 14 in the French Field House, was home to a host of catchy titles and interesting research from top students around the state. These STEM scholars, grades 5-12, came from over 315 schools throughout Ohio and competed for more than $1 million in scholarships and awards.

State Science day spotlights student originated, inquiry based research, and has been hosted at Ohio State for over 20 years. Angela Davis, ODEE Program Manager and Events Coordinator, has acted as State Science Day program manager since 2012. She facilitates the relationship between Ohio State and The Ohio Academy of Science, who run the statewide science day program. On the day of the event, Davis can be found coordinating logistics, and making sure that the event is a success for all students and volunteers.

ODEE and Ohio State are proud to help support this program that allows us to encourage and engage students who are interested in STEM fields. Large venues such as French Field house make an event of this scope possible. In addition to spaces, the Ohio State campus provides a source of inspiration and interest for students involved in the event.

“Many participating students have never been on a college campus before, and many dream of going to Ohio State,” said Davis. “Coming to an event like this makes them realize that their hard work can make a difference. State Science Day gives us a valuable opportunity to encourage young minds, promote discovery and foster interest in science and technology.”

This year over $1 million in scholarships and cash awards were given to students who received high marks at the state level. Many Ohio state departments donated not only volunteers, but funds to support the research and future endeavors of achieving students.

Ohio State sponsored awards at State Science day:

Friends of the Stone Laboratory- Sone Laboratory Scholarship

The College of Engineering- College of Engineering Scholarship

Department of Food Science and Technology- Food Science Award

Department of Plant Pathology- Plant Pathology Scholarship

Department of Plant Pathology- Outstanding Project in Plant Pathology

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences- Food and Agricultural Science Scholarship

Department of Entomology- David J Horn Stone Lan Entomology Scholarship

The College of Dentistry- Future Dentist Award

The College of Medicine and Public Health and OSU Health Systems- Future Physician Award 

In addition to logistical support, and award donations, Ohio State faculty, staff, and students volunteer their time and act as judges during the event. These volunteers help not only to rate projects and determine awards, they also act as mentors to the student scientists that they interact with.

“The students, faculty, graduates, and staff who act as judges from the Ohio State community are mentors to the students,” said Michael Woytek, Interim CEO of The Ohio Academy of Science. “They offer wisdom, praise for a job well done, and encouragement to continue their studies. It is through their inspiration that these students go back to continue their research. Judges are instrumental in the success of State Science day, and we are thankful for having more than 1,000 judges and volunteers from across Ohio that donate their time every year.”

State Science day allows the Ohio State community to interact with emerging scholars in STEM fields, and encourage growth and exploration. We offer a huge congratulations to all who helped make the event such a success this year.

To learn more about State Science day, visit the Ohio Academy of Science, where you can also register to be a general volunteer or judge for the 2017 State Science day.